Collection: QBI Magnetic Cubes

What is Qbi?

Roll into adventure with Qbi Explorer Collection! Qbi is hands-on, open-ended, and STEM-certified, with over 100 ways to play. Qbi was founded in 2016 by a team of young Taiwanese parents who are designers. We launched our first crowdfunding campaign in 2018, and have since been lucky enough to have the opportunity to bring Qbi to more than 22 countries and over 12,000 families worldwide. Through Qbi, children happily learn multiple skills and ways to interact with the world.

Spending quality time with your children
Qbi provides a range of educational toys for parents to play with their children and spend quality time together. We strongly believe that educational toys should try to increase the interest of parents as well as children. You will never regret playing with your kids and creating happy memories that will last a lifetime. Just throw away your mobile phone.

Qbi helps parents to raise an intelligent and happy kid
Use the magnetic cubes, racing tracks and the Challenge Cards (age-appropriate, of course!) to create many more enjoyable experiences with your kids when they are growing up. Kids will be happy to share because it is much more fun to play with other kids!

Qbit is mainly made of ABS material. Car body: ABS, Front wheel, TPU, Rear wheel: TPE+POM

All materials comply to ASTM, EN71, JFSL. Qbi blocks pass SGS safety standards and meet requirements for children's toys in the US and EU.

Qbi Classic - for kids of all ages

The Qbi Magnetic Cubes are designed for children of all ages as Qbi aims to create a fun, unique and enjoyable experience for children when they grow up.

Qbi Explorer Collection - for kids of different ages

The Explorer Collection comes in a variety of designs as it provides age-appropriate toys for kids of different ages.

  • PRESCHOOL - Between ages of 2 & 4
  • KIDS- Age 5 or above
  Not sure what is the difference between each pack? Let us help you to break it down:


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Qbit is mainly made of ABS material. Car body: ABS, Front wheel, TPU, Rear wheel: TPE+POM

All materials comply to ASTM, EN71, JFSL. Qbi blocks pass SGS safety standards and meet requirements for children's toys in the US and EU.

FAQ: Qbi Toys

What's Qbi?

Qbi was established at the end of 2016 and consists of a group of
young Taiwanese parents. We believe that toys are the best bridge for children
to develop interactive relationships, so we are committed to designing and
developing relevant interactive experiences.

What is the difference between the educational toys on the market?

The Qbi block is a toy developed for parent-child interaction.
After nearly 2 years of testing and modification, the Qbi block is an
educational toy that is suitable for many people to play together. It is not
only easy to use and interact with, but also rich in variability. Parents and
children have fun playing together.

Product sources and materials?

In order to ensure the quality of products, from design to
production and production are all in the team's location in Taiwan so that we
can more accurately grasp all the details of the product. Qbi blocks and
accessories are mainly plastics, magnets, and metals, and their component
specifications are inspected and qualified in conformity with EU children's
toys specifications.

What age group is the Qbi Toy Suitable for?

Children over the age of 3 years old can play with the Qbi Toy.
4-8 years old is the most suitable since they can use the challenge card to
carry out three-dimensional space and logic training, more than 8 years old for
more creative and difficult challenge tasks, even if the adults are playing

How do I operate the Qbi Toy? Is there a brochure or video?

Both the basic and advanced models offered here are accompanied by
game instructions. The official website also provides basic instructions for

How to do I save and clean the Qbi Toy?

Qbi's toys are designed for indoor use, as long as they are used
indoors, they can be stored for long periods of time. When cleaning, it is
recommended to use clean water or alcohol to clean it. You can also use
skin-friendly detergent to clean it and rinse it with clean water. Please avoid
using strong detergents or chemical liquids for cleaning.

What is the teaching plan?

Qbi has partnered with the National Taipei University of Education
to develop exclusive teaching content for Qbitoy. The goal is to enable
children to gain more meaningful learning experiences through growth and
development through Qbitoy. The teaching plan will eventually be launched in
the form of a physical course with digital content. We hope to promote these
courses to all places as soon as possible, and all the sponsors who
participated in the fundraising will receive the latest news of the course in
the first time.

Do you offer bulk discount for educational institute?

Please contact us for further information about our educator discounts.