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Qbi Explorer Kids Plus Pack

Qbi Explorer Kids Plus Pack

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Qbi Explorer is a brand-new collection launched in 2021, containing Kids' and Preschool product series, which aim for different age groups. The Kids' series is specially designed for kids over 5 years old and their families. Containing unique designed 'Push & Go Car' and other new playing parts like 'bouncy bridge' sets, Qbi Explorer Collection-Kids' packs provides whole new playing experience for families.

Qbi Magnetic Blocks: A Family Favorite
Qbi Modular Magnetic Blocks combine magnetic blocks with racetracks for a hands-on, open-ended creativity booster that stands out from similar toys.

As we aim to break the boundaries of Qbi Classic Collection, which was launched in 2019, the new Explorer Collection comes with more features to bring kids’ imagination to life!

Qbi is not only a toy but a perfect teaching aid for STEAM education. It helps boost children’s logical thinking, spatial abilities, creativity, and problem-solving skills as they build different tracks and modules.

By playing with family members and peers, children can develop their communication styles, teamwork skills and leadership abilities.

• Item No: 103
• Materials: ABS, Magnets
• Contents: 43 pcs of parts. Including Advanced cube x20 / Push & Go Car x2 / Bridge Set x4 / Slope sets x2 / Garage x2 / Kids' Plus Challenge Booklet x1
• Box Meas.: 46 x 30.5 x 10.5cm
• Compliance: EN71/ ASTM
• Age: 10m+
• Made in Taiwan

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