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*NEW* Qbi Super Rally Relay: Collaborate to Win

*NEW* Qbi Super Rally Relay: Collaborate to Win

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【Time To Speed Up】Boost your child's spatial reasoning skills with the Qbi Speed Champions Racing Track. Featuring Push & Go Racers, 90-Degree Turns, and Speed Changer Slopes, this exclusive track offers an exciting and challenging experience. As they build each cube and complete missions, children will enhance critical thinking, perseverance, and concentration skills. Get ready to race and learn valuable skills with Qbi Speed Champions.

US Authenticated Educational Toy】Playing with the Qbi set stimulates activity in both the left and right sides of the brain, fostering logical thinking and spatial awareness and boosting self-esteem through success and accomplishment. Furthermore, the hands-on experience and tactile sensations also help children to develop critical problem-solving skills.

Stronger, Multi Directional Magnets】Qbi Patented Magnetic Track Cubes offer multi-directional attachment and a variety of track patterns. Plus, every set can be interconnected for endless possibilities and expansion, inspires players to think outside the box, and brings imagination and inspiration to creation.

Safety First】Tested and approved safety by European’s highest standard EN71, US ASTM International, Japan ST certification and more. FULL ABS construction for utmost rigidity and durability, Lead-free paint used for product details.

What You Get】The Speed Champions set contains a total of 37pcs, including a guidebook with 35 different challenges from beginner to advanced, 10 Construction Blocks, 15 Outlined Track Cubes, 4 90-Degree Turns, 4 Speed Changer Slopes, 1 Finish Line and 2 Push & Go Racers.

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