Save on your electricity! Code: HSFQHZZL [SENOKO ENEGRY]

If you are not aware, you CAN switch from SP Power to other options, and have monthly cost savings! In case you happen to just exit the cave, look up for the information from here.

You could had been paying below rates since forever!!

Finding a price plan is easy; find the company of your choice, select the duration and followed by the type of plans.

Recently, HDBmama (just like you want to save the extra $$$) was doing research on the options available. We had zoom into a particular vendor; Senoko Energy!

Get extra rebate with referral code: HSFQHZZL by the provider! 


Hope you have a great renewal exercise! Always check with the providers for their latest promotion!


Note that this is not a sponsored post. Senoko Energy provides the best rates across all plans (12 month/24 month and Discount off Tariff rate) during the time of writing.
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